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Design Your Dream Schedule with Planetary Days [Workshop]

Do you see your calendar as a capitalist productivity tool or as a framework to support yourself?

For most of us, it’s the former. We’re conditioned to book ourselves to burnout, all the while believing we’re not enough because we can’t do it all. So it’s not surprising that something as *seemingly* mundane as planning your week can actually be fraught AF and bring up the whole menu of self-limiting beliefs.

I’m lazy.

I’m not doing enough.

I’m *not* enough.

I’m incompetent.

I’m gonna fail.

I’ll be rejected.

This shit is painful. And it’s why so many of us go to extremes, overbooking ourselves or rejecting planning altogether. Or the fun third option, where you swing violently between the two — my specialty!

Fortunately, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. We each pop out of the womb with an energetic blueprint that can show us how we naturally ebb and flow — and guide us into a more fulfilling rhythm. If you listen closely, your natal chart can tell you exactly how to divest from your entrenched capitalist scheduling habits and sail into calendrical liberation.

Building a schedule based on your personal astrology gives you the power to simultaneously rebel and realign, which is just *chef’s kiss* for those of us who love our freedom but need some structure too.

And, AND, working with the planets to build said schedule gives us meaningful, ongoing access to their gifts and wisdom. We get to make the act of planning magical — spiritual, even — by tapping into the vast power within and above us. On July 30, I’m going to show you how.

Everyday Magic is for anyone who craves a more creative approach to living. It’s for artists, freelancers, full-timers, practitioners, and daydreamers in need of some scaffolding to support their vision.

This two-hour workshop on Planetary Days is designed to help you unlock the energetic potential of your natal chart, so you can plan easefully and intuitively — all the while getting to know yourself better. I’ll introduce you to the power of Planetary Days and the flexible framework I use for scheduling.

You’ll leave with a template to create your own cosmically inspired schedule, and magical resources to carry along on your journey. Plus, three attendees will get a free mini chart reading on the live call, so we can demo what it looks like to translate a chart into a dreamy schedule. It’s gonna be so fun!!!

$44 gets you:

🪐 live event access over Zoom

🪐 full video replay of the event

🪐 take-home guide on Planetary Days

🪐 my personal scheduling template

🪐 bite-sized daily ritual suggestions

🪐 astro-inspired prompts for each day

🪐 a secret seventh thing!!

Hope to see you there, bbs! Happy scheduling!


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