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Full Moon in Aries 2023: Healing the Bully Within

On September 29 at 2:57am Pacific, we had a Full Moon at exactly 6°00 Aries. Besides a wide Sun-Pluto trine — and the opposition between our Libra Sun and Aries Moon — the luminaries are unaspected. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on up there, though. Below, I'll give a quick overview of the cosmic weather then dive into our tarot spread for this lunation. (P.S. — Here's our Aries Full Moon playlist, if you want to bob along.)

Full Moon in Aries 2023 chart by
Full Moon in Aries chart, provided by

The Moon and Its Martian Ruler

Today's Aries Full Moon is ruled by Mars at 21°26 Libra. And Mars happens to be a stone's throw from the South Node in Libra. AND opposite Chiron at 18°12' Aries, currently conjunct the North Node in Aries. So... it's a lot. This Mars-South Node conjunction is bringing up heat from the past. But not in the way you might expect. Sure, it's provocative. But the overriding message that came through when I sat down to channel today is that we're seeing our inner bully for who they are — and understanding where they came from.

Bullies aren't just born. They're created. Often by other bullies. When we're poked, prodded, scolded, and criticized, we often end up turning that pain outward. Doing what's been done to us. And so, the cycle continues.

I had a big good cry about this earlier today when I opened up my Akashic Record and noticed myself stumbling on my words as I channeled. As I struggled to express myself, instant judgment ensued. And that's a familiar pattern for me. As a kid, I was painfully shy and had a lot of trouble expressing myself verbally. I was also bullied. And, as kiddos so often do, I internalized the voice of judgment to stay safe, becoming my most avid critic. I also turned my anger outward, at times teasing other kids to feel the power I couldn't find within.

This moment of stumbling on my words unlocked powerful insight that I hadn't quite seen fully. And I cried my little eyes out. A big, huge, gushing sob — the kind that makes you feel like you've stepped out of an energetic prison afterwards. It's not that I wasn't aware of the connection between past and present before this moment. It's just that life is big, and dense, and chaotic, and busy. Sometimes unhealed material gets shoved away in our corners until we have the time/space/resources to be with it (if we ever do at all). And today was my day.

This weekend might be one of those times for you too, if you can just slow down. With Mars, Chiron, and the Nodes mingling, bullying does seem to be the theme of the moment. Whether that bully is you, someone else, the system, or all of the above is only for you to say. If you can spend some time being with the part of you that feels under attack, you might unlock a treasure from the past that's ready to be felt, and possibly even healed.

The Sun and Its Venusian Ruler

Our Libra Sun is ruled by Venus at 22°26' Leo, just 7°degrees from Black Moon Lilith at 29°32' Leo. It's a little far for a conjunction, but close enough that I'm including it — and you'll see why when you get to our tarot spread. I suspect you might be feeling the fire. And it's kinda hot. It reminds me of this video of Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci making eyes at each other that I keep seeing on TikTok.

This wide conjunction is the hangover from a dance between Venus and Lilith that has been going on for quite some time. There's spark and fire between these two, even with a little distance. Their dance reached a peak in early August, when they formed an exact conjunction in the midst of Venus Retrograde. What was going on for you then?

With Venus in Leo as our solar ruler for this full moon, there's some powerhouse energy to go around. And you might notice yourself swinging between I feel sexy AF to I feel so insecure. More on that below. Just know that the swings are to be expected, because Venus is also squaring Uranus in Taurus, bringing some volatility into the mix with all things Venusian — beauty, relationships, values, romance, and more. You might notice ups and downs in one or more of these areas.


"Preparing" for Eclipse Season

There's so much more astrology I could speak to, but I want to keep this post short and sweet today. It's an Aries Full Moon, after all, and attention is spare. So the last thing I want to highlight before I get into our tarot spread is our upcoming Solar Eclipse on October 14, which will occur at 21°07 Libra — the same degree Mars is currently at in the sky. I'll say much more about this in the next couple weeks, but know that this Full Moon is very much a preview of this upcoming eclipse, so take note of what's happening now.

I want to call out an event I'm hosting the day before, on October 13 — Akashic Eclipse: Riding the Rollercoaster. This 90-minute group Akashic Records reading is meant to support us as we enter eclipse season. We'll open the Akashic Record of the group and channel insight from our guides on how best to "prepare" for this astrology. Heavy quotes on that, since eclipses by nature are unpredictable. The primary intention behind this evening is to highlight the resources and tools available to us as we ride the waves.

You can become a patron at the Moon or Rising tier to gain free access to this reading and all future group readings. Or you can register for $11. All ticket-holders will receive a recording of the replay within 24 hours after the event.


Your Full Moon in Aries Tarot Reading

Every new and full moon, I ask three questions: What is the anchor? What is the challenge? What is the gift? Below, you can see the tarot's answers, channeled with the help of my guides.

Three tarot cards and one oracle card on a gray cushion: Judgment, Lilith, Queen of Swords, and Insecurity
Tarot cards from the Lilifer Tarot by Little Darkness; Oracle card from the Reclaim Oracle by Little Darkness

The Anchor: Judgement

Self-awareness is coming in hot. This full moon promises to illuminate something that's been swimming within our psyche for a while. And it might surface in a rush of emotion so potent, you know it has to be truth. It could be sharp and painful. (Remember: Mars and Chiron are very much in the mix.) But it feels fast, too. A snap awareness. The kind that wakes you up, jingles the keys, and invites you to open the door to a new beginning. You can always start over. You can always, always start over. It's just about making the choice.

The Challenge: Lilith

Remember that Black Moon Lilith-Venus in Leo conjunction? Well, BML is also opposite Saturn in Pisces. When I first sat with it, it felt like suppression. Pushing down the rage. Stifling fire with clenched fists. Then I saw Saturn. Ahh. Yes. Try as we might to water down our anger, it's bound to surface. And the more we push it down, the more the pressure builds. What happens then? Eruption. You can avoid an explosion by micro-dosing your emotions. Literally, schedule time to feel if you have to. I know, it doesn't work for everyone. But by at least intending to feel your feels daily, you might spare yourself a surprise attack.

The Gift: Queen of Swords

I've come to love the Queen of Swords so, so much. She's called ruthless sometimes. But behind the stony gaze is a depth of wisdom that only comes from lots (and lots) of experience. You get to embody this. You get to have boundaries. You get to cut the people-pleasing. You get to choose yourself. You get to say no to the bullshit. Be incisive. Cut through the nonsense, including the old patterns you've outgrown but keep around because they're cozy. Well, so is your ex's hoodie, but it sure does feel like shit when you hang onto it for too long. Throw it away. You're capable.


Have a beautiful Aries Full Moon

I want to take a moment to share my deep appreciation for everyone who reads these posts and/or follows any of the work I do in this world. Sometimes I'm just awestruck by the fact that people want to hear what I have to say. Our oracle card for this lunation is Insecurity. There's lots of vulnerability in the air. I'm feeling it so deeply. And the little one within me hurts for the little one within you who might be struggling to see their worth, or feeling the prickles of old pain. They might be needing some extra love right now. And I hope you get that.

It's only through community that we can muster the courage to face the past, present, and future with open arms. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for being here, for taking part, for living this life alongside me, wherever you are. Take care.

If you're interested in exploring the personal themes that are coming up for you, you can book a live tarot reading or purchase a recorded reading (under Services). I'd love to help you navigate the moment and discover the personal meaning this lunation is illuminating for you.

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