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Get precise, grounded wisdom from your guides through the tarot. Book a live reading or purchase on-demand.

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This was such a meaningful experience even though we have had no prior interactions. They hit home on very relevant themes and energies in my life. Extremely impactful. Thank you.

David S.


If you're looking for a conversational tarot reading, you can book a live Zoom reading with me. We'll go deep on your topics of interest, channeling quick insights. If you're cool to skip the chit-chat and want more bang for your buck, purchase a recorded audio reading instead.

BIPOC can use code BIPOC40 for 40% off all live readings. Folks experiencing financial hardship can use code NQA20 for 20% off *one reading* — no questions asked.


Book a live tarot reading over Zoom. All readings can be recorded upon request.

Enough time to explore up to two questions or topics

Enough time to explore up to six questions or topics

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Enough time to explore up to ten questions or topics


Purchase an on-demand tarot reading via Linktree. Scroll down to "Book a Reading" and choose the Tarot (Recorded) option, then select the number of questions you'd like to ask.


I post bite-sized collective tarot readings regularly on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and periodically host live readings on social. Follow me on YouTube for the latest.



As a psychic, multi-clair reader, I fuse the meaning of the tarot with my own intuitive hits, with a conversational style that leads to breakthroughs. I'll often share my sensory experience with you as I channel. This helps you pull your own meaning from what I share too. Particular messages may hold great significance for you but mean nothing to me, so I always err on the side of over-sharing.


I may be psychic, but I do not know you or your circumstances better than you do. (No one does.) I appreciate it when clients talk about their unique life experience in sessions — it gives me valuable context, so I can personalize the information I channel instead of rummaging around in the dark. People tend to withhold with psychics as a means to test them, and I get that. It's fine if you need to warm up to me. I just ask that you do it with respect and check your own biases.


I believe in free will and do not offer fatalistic readings with fixed predictions, because I find them disempowering and unhelpful. Divination shows us possibilities and potentials. While I do believe in fate, I also recognize our power to steer the direction our own lives. We can collaborate with our guides to find the life path that best aligns with our growth and wellbeing, but I think that's more of a choice than a requirement.


My role as a reader is to help you find your footing on whichever path you choose — not to tell you exactly what the journey looks like. That's up to you to decide.

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