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Full Moon in Gemini 2023: Embracing Duality

On November 27 at 1:16 am Pacific, we had a Full Moon at 4°51' Gemini. Squared by Saturn in Pisces and trine Pluto in Capricorn, the outers are weighing in heavily in this lunation, helping us initiate powerful change within and without. And that starts with a burst of self-awareness. As Mercury squares off with Neptune, that could start with a whole lot of confusion and anxiety though. Below, I'll describe the astrology of the moment, and we'll close with our usual three-card tarot spread for this lunation.

Full Moon in Gemini 2023 Chart
Full Moon in Gemini chart, provided by

Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

Today's Gemini Full Moon is ruled by Mercury at 24°40' Sagittarius, which is forming a nearly exact square to Neptune at 24°54' Pisces. "Confusing" is an apt descriptor for a Mercury-Neptune square. There's an argument between the thinker and the mystic. It's not that their goals are all that different — they're both dreamers seeking connection with the beyond. But they approach that mission in different ways.

Mercury in Sagittarius wants to talk big picture. A theorizer and philosopher rooted in the high mind, they seek knowledge with passion. Meanwhile, Neptune in Pisces is more attuned to intuition. A mystic and escape artist, they can easily get swept up in drum of the dreamworld and forget what's real, especially when challenged. But that's also where there magic lies — in the unspoken but known.

Today (and really this whole week) you might find yourself grappling between the mind and the soul, and hungering for certainty in the face of the unknown. While the pursuit of truth is noble one, there's a risk of us missing the nuance in our search for absolutes. There's also a strong chance we'll bypass our way through bad vibes — jumping straight to a "what's meant to be will be" attitude when we feel the singe of disappointment, or any uncomfortable feelings, really.

And uncomfortable feelings are likely this week. All kinds. Frustration. Anxiety. Grief. Guilt. But also... Hope? Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Pisces can offer a lot of hope. While they're both prone to spiritual bypassing, they're also incredible at lifting us out of the darkness. And that's sure needed right now, as we approach week nine of the genocide in Palestine. The question is: How can we balance pragmatism and optimism? We need both, because pragmatism without optimism can quickly turn to pessimism, and optimism without pragmatism to pollyannaism.

There's also a risk of attributing too much meaning to miscommunication and painting with broad strokes when precision is needed. That could look like making a lot of assumptions with very little information — jumping to conclusions and catching yourself too late. The invitation is to tune into the whisper of intuition while grounding ourselves in the 3D. Spend time talking to your guides about the practical concerns plaguing your mind. Marry your spiritual practices with your mundane reality, and you're likely to swim through this week with a little more ease.

Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Mars in Sagittarius

Our Sagittarius Sun is ruled by Jupiter at 7°28' Taurus. While Jupiter forms no major aspects in this full moon chart, the Sun sure does. It's conjunct Mars at 2°06' Sagittarius. A Sun-Mars conjunction is hot. If you're thinking I mean "sexy," sure. That could be too. But what I really mean is, it's fiery. The Sun draws us into expression of self while Mars draws us into our ego. Combine the two, and you can get egoic expression. Conflict, tension, and defensiveness are likely. But with the Sun casting its light of awareness on these patterns, there's also an opportunity for us see our missteps more clearly and re-center.

Coming off of our November 19 Mars Cazimi (an exact conjunction between the Sun and Mars), our ego awareness might be heightened already. You probably saw a flare-up around then. Most of us did. But let's take a second to talk about ego, because it's not synonymous with arrogance, as we often use it. In fact, ego can often look like the opposite — sheepishness, insecurity, and exaggerated humility. And because these qualities often get affirmed and even celebrated, especially in people other than cis white men, they tend to fly below the radar. But they can be just as harmful as pridefulness.

To give you a personal example, my natal Mars is in Pisces. When my ego is acting up, I often find myself sinking into martyrdom. I'll over-give as a means to make myself feel better, all the while thinking I'm being generous and compassionate. And because I treasure those qualities, it's easy for me to feel like I'm "doing the right thing." Look, I'm living in accordance with my values! It's all good! But unchecked, that can easily develop into a savior complex, where I feed my ego with acts of service.

We see this kind of behavior a lot in social justice circles, especially among white people. Our pursuit of "goodness" motivates our actions, and we end up centering ourselves at the expense of the people we intend to support. This has been a sticky topic for me lately when it comes to pro-Palestinian advocacy. There are a lot of calls for people to "get on the right side of history." We encourage them to ask questions like, "Who do I want to be remembered as?" These phrases are parroted a lot because they work. They do motivate people. But that motivation is rooted in ego. What is my legacy? How will I be seen?

As we move through this Martian energy, it's a ripe time to examine what exactly is motiving you right now— not with the goal of ridding yourself of your ego, but with the intention of building deeper self-awareness. We can't get rid of our ego (or our Mars placement). And we wouldn't want to. The ego serves an important purpose in our safety and self-actualization. And it can knock us out of alignment when we honor it above our values, or, worse, use our values to justify egoic action.

Sun in Sagittarius T-square the Sun and Moon

Saturn at 0°58' Pisces is also forming a mutable T-square to the Sun and Moon. This is the other big hitter aspect of this new moon chart, and it's offering some bitter medicine, as Saturn tends to. Oh daddy. Deliver us from illusion. I've felt for a while that Saturn in Pisces is here to clean up the ethereal messes Neptune has left behind since 2011. Since Saturn's first dip into Pisces in March, I've noticed more talk of cults and the other shadowy corners of spirituality. The recent Netflix documentary "Escaping Twin Flames" is a great example of this. So is the current criticism online of spiritual practitioners who've been silent on genocide. The great aligner, Saturn brings us into integrity — and often forces us to face reality.

As Saturn forms a T-square to our Jupiter-ruled Sun in Sagittarius and Mercury-ruled Moon in Gemini, it's demanding we see through the veil and get right with ourselves. That might mean coming out of avoidance and facing the truth, in both our personal lives and collectively. It could bring hard decisions, like calling it quits on a commitment that's attractive but out of step with our values. Or, it could mean doubling down on "right actions." That could mean big stuff, like breakups and breakdowns. But it could also be super mundane, like finally checking your bank account after weeks of being afraid to face your balance.

Saturn's work is important this week. And, as usual, there's a chance we'll take things too far and become rigid. Fortunately, as Saturn backstrokes through Pisces, there's ample opportunity for us to make a consistent practice of compassion. Consider the ways you can prioritize kindness toward yourself and others. Treat it as you would any other ritual — set an intention, perform an action, and try your best to keep it up. Maybe it's a daily gratitude practice, or a prayer for the wellbeing of all. The Ho'oponopono Prayer is a beautiful way to weave in both. Whatever you do, try to center it in compassion.

Venus in Libra conjunct the South Node in Libra

Also prominent in this chart is a conjunction between the South Node at 22°42' Libra and its ruler, Venus at 21°22' Libra. Coming off of last week's Venus-Chiron opposition, this conjunction is further highlighting the imbalance in our relationships of all kinds. Libra is a deeply relational sign. And as the South Node makes it way through, it's inviting us to reconcile the self with the relationship — to appreciate and respect both "me" and "we" while prioritizing ourselves. For lots of people, that's meant ending non-reciprical relationships. For others, it's meant learning how to compromise without self-sacrificing.

This conjunction is a power moment in this year's astrology. When the South Node joins its ruler in the sky, it's bringing something to completion. And most likely, that "something" is the culmination of a lot of subterranean growth. You might have a breakthrough of sorts, where you make the choice to move in alignment with your values at the expense of your pleasure. Or perhaps pleasure is the answer right now, and you're allowing yourself to indulge without guilt. That's an especially beautiful move for the Saturnian types who might have trouble relaxing. Locate yourself wherever you are right now. Try to be gentle. It's likely you'll feel tested in some way. You don't have to be the teacher's pet to pass.

Another widely talked about possibility of this Venus-South Node conjunction is the return of people from the past. Similar to Venus Retrograde (AKA The Season of the Ex), this transit can mark the return of past lovers, friends, and acquaintances. But it can also bring us face to face with old patterns in new forms, like a fresh relationship that mirrors the dynamics we had with our parents or our exes. It's worth it to pay attention to who shows up (or who you feel the urge to reach out to). It's possible closure is needed. Or maybe just the recognition of how you've grown.


Preparing for the New Moon in Sagittarius

In the thick of this week's astrology, I decided it's time to bring back moon circles. Starting on December 13, I'll be hosting monthly calls around the new moon to help us root into the energy of the moment. Each one will be intuitively themed according to the lunar cycle. For our Sagittarius New Moon, that means we're visioning — putting pen to paper and developing a clear picture of how we want to live. From there, we'll create a simple ritual and affirmation to support us in moving toward that vision.

The circle will start with some words about the current astrology, and then I'll guide us through the exercise above. It's casual and low-pressure, with no expectation of you chiming in. But conversation and sharing is welcome! You can join us for $9 (or $6 for BIPOC). Tickets are on sale now below.


Your Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Reading

Every new and full moon, I ask three questions: What is the anchor? What is the challenge? What is the gift? Below, you can see the tarot's answers, channeled with the help of my guides.

Three tarot cards and one oracle card on a gray cushion: Judgment, Lilith, Queen of Swords, and Insecurity
Tarot cards from the Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road

The Anchor: Three of Wands (Reversed)

If you find your plans changing this lunar cycle, try to stay open to the shifts bearing sweet fruit. There's a strong chance something or someone will derail us. But there's also an opportunity to return to our intentions and ask ourselves if we were moving in the right direction anyway, whatever "right" means to you. Remember the call of Saturn, and the invitation to root your spiritual practices in practicality. A simple conversation with your guides about what is you desire and why might do the trick.

The Challenge: The Teacher (aka The Emperor)

There's a barrier to us standing in our power. It might be external, like a dominating authority figure, an oppressive system. It could be internal, like a fear of being judged or scorned for taking up space. Most likely, it's both. This cycle encourages us to examine what keeps us small and to own the "whats" we actually have control over. For most of us, that means shifting our personal relationship to our power and recognizing our agency. And for a lot of us, it means coming out of an over-identification with victimhood.

The Gift: Four of Swords (Reversed)

I pulled this as my card of the day today, so it feels right to share what's coming up for me now. I've been hermiting for a long time. Months and months with very little in-person social contact has left me in a familiar place, where I get so used to solitude that I wonder if I really need more connection, or if I'm better off just getting weirder and weirder alone. No shade to weirdness — big fan. But I think lots of us are lonely, and we might use healing as an excuse to shut ourselves off from connection. The reversed Four of Swords calls on us to return to life after a period of retreat. The healing we're meant to do is in community, not on our own.


Have a beautiful Gemini Full Moon

The tl;dr of this whole post would be: The astrology is a lot! Try to give yourself (and others) grace. We're moving into a Venus-Pluto square soon, which will prod us even more. But as always, there are glimmers of relief and sweetness. Pluto's trine to the Moon and sextile to the Sun is one of those glimmers. Lean into catharsis. Cry it out. Move your body. Engage your spirit in the action of exhaling. Let your worries go down the drain with the bathwater. And welcome the moments of laughter and contentedness that punctuate the gloom. Sending you love.

If you're interested in exploring the personal themes that are coming up for you, you can book a live tarot reading or purchase a recorded reading (under Services). I'd love to help you navigate the moment and discover the personal meaning this lunation is illuminating for you.


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