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Unlock the power of your personal astrology — and chart a path to growth and fulfillment.

Image by Milad Fakurian

I walked away from this session with exactly what I needed. Your spiritual assistance was such a gift during this time of transition and healing for me. Feeling very grateful for my Spirit Team connecting our souls together!

Candice S.

My astrology reading with Jana was the best I have had yet. She went over my entire chart in detail and made all of the information easy to digest. She also gave insights on how to apply aspects of my chart into my life which was incredibly useful.

Brita K.


I practice a fusion of evolutionary and humanistic astrology and offer a variety of natal chart readings for all levels, from newbies to experts.

BIPOC can use code BIPOC40 for 40% off all live readings.


I offer two introductory astrology readings for new clients: Cosmic Tea (mini Sun/Moon/Rising reading) and Cosmic Karma (full chart reading). If you're new to astrology and looking for a quick intro, Cosmic Tea is for you. If you know the basics and you're ready to go deeper, choose the Cosmic Karma reading.

Pastel Swirl
30 min / $111

Get to know your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Chart Ruler — the keys to your identity. Learn how to live in deeper alignment with your authentic nature.

60 min / $222

Peel back the layers to find the gold. Uncover the patterns that are keeping you stuck, and discover new ways to embody your soul's potential.


Explore your personal astrology more deeply with these specialized readings, designed to take you into the heart and soul of your chart. You'll build stronger, more intuitive connections to the planets.

Image by and machines
Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by Sebastian Svenson
Planetary Deep-Dive
30 min / $122

Discover the power, pain, and potential of a single planet in your natal chart.

Transit Reading
30 min / $166

Explore your current and upcoming transits to understand the themes and lessons.

Akashic Records + Astrology
90 mins / $333

Combine the power of astrology and divination to explore your chart in a whole new way.



My practice is rooted in Humanistic (aka "Psychological") Astrology, which examines the birth chart through the lens of early conditioning and personal development. In human speak, that means we'll often touch on sensitive themes, like trauma, shame, and self-sabotage. While not every session will be heavy, I like to give fair warning that challenging themes may come up. I am not a therapist, but I am certified in Somatic Parts Work, a therapeutic approach that can support you in releasing shame and resolving old patterns by connecting with the "parts" within you.


In 2022, I began ongoing study of Evolutionary Astrology (EA) with Amanda Moreno of Aquarian Spirals. EA considers the natal chart a blueprint of the soul's karmic history and potential. This approach helps people unravel the cyclical patterns and circumstances that seem to haunt them throughout their life, often with no plausible explanation. By looking at the soul's unique path, we can often learn a whole lot about why these patterns exist, and offer pathways to healing and freedom.


As a queer, anti-capitalist astrologer, my work is rooted in the core values of empowerment and liberation. I recognize that trauma is not an individual experience, and that the systems we live within are the ultimate purveyors of harm — not our parents or our lovers or ourselves. So while childhood and early development will certainly come up in conversation, I also strive to root our work in the reality of our current political and ecological climate.

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