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Discover the wisdom and memory contained within your soul's vibrational record.

White Room

I walked away from this session with exactly what I needed. Your spiritual assistance was such a gift during this time of transition and healing for me. Feeling very grateful for my Spirit Team connecting our souls together!

Candice S.


The Akashic Records are a powerful gateway to knowledge and healing. They can grant us access to past life stories, soul wisdom, and divine guidance, rapidly gifting us with self-awareness. And when we enter from a place of curiosity and openness, the healing potential is incredible. I've themed my core readings according to the planets — the living archetypes within us. Learn more and book below.

BIPOC can use code BIPOC40 for 40% off all live readings.


I post bite-sized collective readings regularly on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and periodically host live readings on social. Follow me on YouTube for the latest.



I've been working with the Akashic Records since 2020, when I received my first reading from a friend, who encouraged me to begin exploring them on my own. I began a daily practice that spring as the world collapsed. I understood very little about the mystical plane I was tapping into, but the practice was sustaining and therapeutic in a time of deep uncertainty, so I kept going.


Over the next year, I studied Linda Howe's approach and participated in dozens of group readings through Holisticism. This gave me the chance to practice reading for others in a low-pressure environment, and the positive feedback I received nudged me to start taking the practice more seriously. I continued offering readings for free and by trade until summer of 2021, when I launched my business.

Over the past three years, my Akashic Records practice has changed considerably, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. I still use Howe's Pathway Prayer Process to access the Records when reading for clients and myself. There are many routes to access the Records, but the Pathway Prayer is tried and true so I've yet to veer from it. The prayer uses your full name and pronouns to tune into your soul's Record.


At the start of readings, I guide clients through a quick breathing and grounding exercise before beginning the prayer. I'll often get psychic hits during the opening prayer which act as a gateway into the reading. Once the Records are "open," I share anything that came up, and then we begin exploring. Open-ended questions work best for the Records, and I encourage my clients to start with whatever topic feels most ripe and urgent.


As a multi-clair and psychic reader, I channel sounds, visuals, feelings, and more. Typically, your guides will send information through me in whatever shape and form resonates most for you. That often means I don't fully understand what I'm channeling. And that's not the point. Your reading is your time, and I'm simply acting as the facilitator. I like to remind clients that a reading is a conversation, not a performance. I encourage you to chime in and ask questions, and I'll ask you questions too.

Finally, because I work across many mediums, I sometimes call on the tarot and other tools to supplement an Akashic Records reading. However, there is no guarantee I'll combine mediums during your reading. If you'd like messages from the tarot, please be sure to select the add-on option when booking.

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